White Muscle Disease

Nutritional Disorders in Beef Cattle

Nutritional disorders associated with both forage and feed consumption can have a large impact on the profitability of beef cattle operations. Forages are an important component of beef cattle production systems in Arkansas. Most cow-calf and stocker cattle enterprises in Arkansas rely heavily on forage-based nutritional programs. Forages are used for both livestock grazing and hay production. Arkansas has over 4.4 million acres of pastureland and harvests over 1.3 million acres of hay each year.

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Selenium Deficiency in Cattle

Selenium (Se) is an essential trace mineral for cattle and humans alike. It is essential because it a component of several enzymes that are important antioxidants. It is a trace mineral because it is needed in very small (trace) amounts. We usually talk about Se requirements in terms of tenths of parts per million (ppm)—remembering a part per million is 1 inch in 15.8 miles—we are talking about a tenth of an inch in 15.8 miles.

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