Supernumerary Teats

Supernumerary Teats In Cattle

In general three types of supernumerary teats have been observed in cattle (GIFFORD1, 934) :

  1. Caudal teats, are teats located at the rear of the normal.
  2. Zntercalary teats, are those found between the normal teats.
  3. Ramd teccts, supernumeraries that are a ramification of the normal

Some of this supernumeraries may be without glands, others are orifices of small glands, and yet others may open into one of the normal glands.

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Determination of the Inheritance Pattern of Hyperthelia in Cattle by Maximum Likelihood Analysis

In dairy cattle breeding supernumerary teats (hyperthelia) are an undesired condition due to aesthetic reasons, possible distrubances from machine milking, and, perhaps most important, because supernumerary mammary glands may act as a reserve for bacteria that cause mastitis (Frerking and Lotthammer 1981; Steiger and Grunenfelder 1988).

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