Sepsis, Failure of Passive Transfer, and Fluid Therapy in Calves…(Univ of FL)

Septicemia and Neonatal Infection

Infection and septicemia are significant causes of morbidity and mortality in newborn animals. Calves require adequate colostrum for passive antibody protection, because maternal immunity is not transferred through the placenta. The amount of exposure to the infecting agent and the neonate’s ability to modulate the infection through the immune system both affect the occurrence of septicemia.

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Salmonella on Dairy Chuck Fossler

A study involving 129 organic and conventional dairies in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York was conducted to determine patterns of occurrence of Salmonella spp. and to identify risk factors for shedding. Visits to each farm were made at two-month intervals from August 2000 to October 2001. Fecal samples from healthy cows, calves and other targeted cattle groups and samples from bulk tank milk, milk filters, water, feed sources and pen floors were collected at each visit. Microbial culture was performed at a single laboratory. Salmonella spp.

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New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program Salmonellosis Module (Salmonellosis – Background, Management and Control)

Salmonellosis is an infection of the digestive tract caused by the bacterium, Salmonella enterica. Salmonella enterica has over 2,000 strains. Fortunately cattle are usually clinically infected by less than 10 of them. The majority of Salmonella that infect cattle are in groups B (species example - S. Typhimurium), C (example - S. Montevideo), D (example -S. Dublin), or E (example - S. Anatum). The type that most commonly infects cattle in the Northeast is Salmonella Typhimurium.

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SRP® Vaccine

What is an SRP® vaccine?


Siderophore Receptor and Porin proteins are the basis of all vaccines made using our patented SRP® Technology. It has long been recognized that SRP® proteins are highly conserved; in other words, many various bacterial species carry these identical proteins, even though the rest of their exterior structures (LPS, which determines serotype) are unique. This feature makes SRP® proteins an attractive target for vaccine development, which has been recognized in scientific literature for many years.

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Salmonella Teaching Slides

Teaching slides that explain many aspects of Salmonella, including; life cycle, detection, characteristics, prevention and much more! 

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