Protect calves' respiratory systems this fall

Changing weather conditions can create respiratory challenges for calves. Cooling temperatures in fall and big temperature swings between day and night can lead to stress and wear on calves’ immune systems.

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CSI-Dairy: Nabbing the culprits behind calfhood pneumonia

Numerous ‘culprits’ exist on dairy farms, robbing herd performance and injuring the dairy’s bottom line. Identifying and arresting the offender isn’t always easy, and often requires a full investigation, gathering and analyzing evidence on the farm and in the lab. Uncovering the source of pneumonia in calves can be a difficult challenge.


By Robert Lynch


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Histophilus somni is described as an ethiological agent of a variety of diseases in cattle that include respiratory, nervous, septicemic, myocardial and polyarthritis presentations. The bacteria can be isolated from the nasal mucosa of apparently healthy cattle, but in situations of immunesupression it takes a role as ethiologic agent of acute fibrinous or fibrin-hemorrhagic bronchopneumonia in calves. Some case control studies have found incidences of H. somni of 28 to 43% in pneumonic lungs. Different well known factors make of H.

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Respiratory Disease of the Bovine Neonate

Respiratory disease is a constant challenge for dairy replacement heifer rearing systems, and is responsible for 21.3% of mortality in preweaned calves and 50.4% of deaths in weaned heifers.1 There are many negative long-term consequences for survivors of subclinical, clinical, and chronic calf pneumonia including poor growth, reproductive performance, milk production, and longevity.2–4 These calves also become sources of infection for other calves, and can cause outbreaks after weaning in group pens.5 Contamination of the environment with bacterial and viral pathogens is the obvio

Bovine Respiratory Disease

Informative Bovine Respiratory Disease video covering how the infection spreads and treatment benefits of RESFLOR GOLD.


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