Ear Tagging

Beef Cattle Identification

Identification of cattle is needed  for any type of record system. Cattle records may range from a simple inventory list of cattle to calving records or performance records.


Inserting a Metal Tag in a Calf’s Ear


  • A heifer calf needs to be tagged as soon as necessary for this farm in order to maintain the connection to her dam.



  • Tagging tool.
  • Metal tags.

OSU - Livestock Tagging

Tagging is an important part of animal identification, but must be done properly. Tagging an animal is very similar to a human getting their ears’ pierced. Learn how to properly tag your animals and maintain proper care afterwards.


Applying Ear Tags to Steers Entered in EXPO

Guidelines For Applying EID Ear Tags 


Introduction to Z Tags Ear Tags

Marketing Manager Kerry Moncur demonstrates how to use Z Tags and what makes them different at Mike John's farm in Huntsville, MO.


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