Contractural Arachnodactyly


Scientists from the University of Sydney, the University of New England, and NSW Agriculture have recently been contacted by beef breeders to investigate a possible new inherited syndrome in cattle called "Fawn Calf Syndrome".

Congenital contractural arachnodactyly (‘fawn calf syndrome’) in Angus cattle

CA or ‘fawn calf syndrome’ – what is it?

Reporting Abnormal Calves - Fawn Calf Syndrome

As we continue our work to characterize and head off emerging problems, we are also carefully monitoring a non-lethal condition referred to as fawn calf syndrome (FCS). Calves suspected to have FCS have been reported in Angus calves in Australia for many years and researchers there have identified the condition as an inherited trait allegedly tracing to U.S. sires. If the Australian hypothesis is correct, and there is strong evidence that it is, there are almost certainly cases unintentionally not being reported in the United States.

Fawn Calf Syndrome in Angus Calves

Video of a calf affected by Fawn Calf Syndrome.

Genetic Defects in Cattle - Part 2

Dr. Terry Stewart discusses the genetic defects Hydrocephalus, Arthrogyposis Multiplex (Curly Calf), Tibia Hemimelia (TH), Contractural Arachnodactyly (Formerly Fawn Calf). In addition he discusses haw to spot an animal afflicted and how to collect lab samples to verify the condition.


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