Comparison of four methods to assess colostral IgG concentration in dairy cows


OBJECTIVE: To determine sensitivity and specificity of 4 methods to assess colostral IgG concentration in dairy cows and determine the optimal cutpoint for each method.

DESIGN: Cross-sectional study.

ANIMALS: 160 Holstein dairy cows.


Evaluation Of Brix Refractometry For Measurement Of Colostrum Qualit


Measurement of colostrum immunoglobulin (Ig) is an important on-farm procedure to ensure adequate transfer of Ig to the newborn calf. Acquisition and delivery of high quality colostrum are important factors influencing neonatal calf health. New techniques to evaluate colostrum and passive transfer in dairy cattle are needed. These methods must be simple, rapid, accurate, inexpensive, and adaptable to farm conditions.   


Managing Calf Health Through Nutrition

Calf health, as reflected in morbidity and mortality, is a consistent and major issue facing the dairy farmer. Data from Europe and the U.S. clearly show that dairy calf mortality remains above 5 to 8 percent year after year, representing a significant economic impact on the dairy farm economy.


Colostrum: More than just '4 quarts equals passive transfer'

Ask a student about colostrum, and the response will be passive immunity. That’s correct, but it is only part of the story with respect to the biological activity of


Colostrum: The Start That Dairy Calves Need

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Michigan State University podcast with Stan Moore and Phil Durst talking about the importance of feed colostrum at the beginning of life.

Brix Refractometer for Colostrum Quality

Progressive dairy producers try to do the best jobs they can in all areas of management, yet while they know that it is best practice to measure colostrum quality before feeding it to their calves, for a number of reasons, they are just not actively doing it. Does this sound like a familiar theme for some of your clients? Practitioners help to reinforce colostrum monitoring best practices by making recommendations during regular visits and when dealing with calf-related issues on the farm. Often, our persistence (+/- a wreck or two) eventually gets them to take action.



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