Pasteurizing Colostrum: the next step to controlling disease

The authors are a professor and research associate in the department of dairy and animal science at Penn State. Calves absorbed more immunoglobulins when colostrum was pastuerized.

Feeding Colostrum with an Esophageal Feeder Does Not Reduce Immunoglobulin G absorbtion in Neonatal Dairy Heifer Calves

Newborn Heifer Calves were studied to compare total serum protein and IgG concentrations apparent efficiency of absorption when colostrum was fed by nipple bottle or esophageal feeder.

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Maximizing Passive Immunity in Calves

5 Factors of a Calf Management program

1. Minimize stress of birth
2. Maximize passive immunity
3. Meet nutrient requirements of calf
4. Optimize rumen development
5. Maintain animal health

On average in the U.S. 7.8% of heifer calves born alive, die before weaning, and over 75% of calves will experience one bout of illness prior to weaning. The primary causes of calf-hood illness prior to weaning are scours/digestive issues and respiratory challenges.

Minimize Stress at Birth

Maximizing calf health is not an easy task. Calves face numerous challenges during the first days of life: the calving process is a major risk factor, acquiring adequate immunity from colostrum during the first hours of life to reduce the risk of future disease challenges, avoiding infectious disease challenges while the immune system is still developing during the first 6 weeks of life, the stress of weaning, dehorning and vaccination all impact the health of the calf.


Perfect Udder How to use the Esophageal Feeding Tube

A demonstration with Rick Dumm from DairyTech Inc. using the Perfect Udder Colostrum Systems Esophageal Feeding Tube to feed a calf.

The Perfect Udder Deluxe Bag Filler is designed specially for filling Perfect Udder 3QT and 4QT Colostrum Bags.

The Perfect Udder Colostrum Management kit comes with 50 4QT or 3QT Bags, Nipples and Feeding Tubes.

Perfect Udder Deluxe Bag Filler Demonstration - DairyTech Inc.

The Perfect Udder Deluxe Bag Filler is designed specially for filling Perfect Udder 3QT and 4QT Colostrum Bags.

Perfect Udder DT 30 with Bag Guard Demonstration - DairyTech Inc.

The DT30 Pasteurizer with Perfect Udder Bag Guard can Pasteurize Colostrum and Milk inside of Perfect Udder 3 quart and 4 quart bags. Just add water!

Perfect Udder DT 30 with Clamp on Filler Demonstration - DairyTech Inc.

This video demonstrates how to attach the Perfect Udder Clamp on Filler to the DairyTech DT30 Colostrum Pasteurizer.

Perfect Udder Refrigerating and Freezing Demonstration - DairyTech Inc.

Perfect Udder 3 Quart and 4 Quart bags can be refrigerated or placed in the freezer for later use. Bags are placed directly into the DairyTech Pasteurizer for rewarming to the perfect temperature.

Dairy Tech Feeding System (Spanish)

How to Use a Perfect Udder Deluxe Esophageal Tube


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