Arthrogryposis Multiplex

Curly Calf Syndrome Information For Bull Buyers

Curly calf syndrome is a lethal genetic defect that has been discovered in beef cattle. The calves are stillborn and have a twisted or curved spine and extended and contracted limbs. That is how it gets the term “curly calf syndrome.” This lethal genetic defect is called Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) with its name being of Greek derivation which means curved or hooked joints. It has been discovered in the Angus breed and genetically traced to a popular certain bull (GAR Precision 1680) in that breed.

American Angus Association - Arthrogryposis Multiplex Fact Sheet

The following fact sheet was developed to respond to questions commonly asked by Amerian Angus Assocation members. Additional information can be found at

Genetic Defects in Cattle - Part 2

Dr. Terry Stewart discusses the genetic defects Hydrocephalus, Arthrogyposis Multiplex (Curly Calf), Tibia Hemimelia (TH), Contractural Arachnodactyly (Formerly Fawn Calf). In addition he discusses haw to spot an animal afflicted and how to collect lab samples to verify the condition.


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