What is Calfology?

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We all know that the best producing cows come from the healthiest calves. But, how does one make good decisions relative to that process? If you google "Calf Health", you will see that there are over 17 million results. None of us can afford to learn everything the hard way and the millions of websites on the internet seem to add to the confusion.

So, we asked ourselves, "What would the perfect calf health site offer?"

We wanted a place where scientists, veterinarians, dairymen and calf growers could communicate with each other on a level playing field. It would be a place to learn, ask questions, share experiences and stay current on new products and technologies. It would also be a platform to let vendors know what we really think about those products and technologies.

And then we built Calfology.com, The Official Sponsor of Calf Health.

Every group is represented here:

  • Manufacturers
  • Universities
  • Veterinarians
  • Consumers
  • and of course Calf Producers


Check us out. We hope that you will decide to become a member of our new community. The plan is to keep building – adding fun, connecting the science to the product, and ultimately create a user driven commercial tool that leads all of those providing services or products to be more responsive to the end user.

The mission of Calfology.com is to provide you with all the information available on all things related to calf health. Knowledge is power. We believe that improving calf health not only benefits your bottom line, but the calf industry as a whole.  


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